One of the city’s finest Asian restaurants is SAIKO-I. Varied menu with Thai spices, Japanese sushi and others, SAIKO-I merges traditional flavors with modern methods of cooking. Warm setting for every event with trendy furnishing as well as outstanding service can be found inside. In each dish, the best ingredients are used which ensures a truly memorable dining experience. At SAIKO-I, you get to eat real Asian cuisine.
Come enjoy outstanding Asian cuisine combined with a trendy dining experience at the recently opened SAIKO-I in Parkland. With the best ingredients, our extensive menu offers real Asian cuisine, such as Japanese sushi, Thai spices, and more. It's the ideal location for any occasion because to its stylish décor and cozy atmosphere. Savor the tastes of Asia at SAIKO-I, your new Parkland favorite place to eat.
Saiko-I Sushi Lounge & Hibachi provides a game-changing Asian dining experience by combining classic flavors with a modern touch. Enjoy freshly prepared sushi rolls, sizzling hibachi, and traditional meals made with premium ingredients. Saiko-I offers a unique eating experience thanks to its contemporary décor and outstanding staff.
Coral Springs has received some exciting news! SAIKO-I Sushi Lounge and Hibachi is preparing to open its doors, bringing a new spin on Asian food. Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared sushi rolls, sizzling hibachi, and traditional cuisine produced with top ingredients. SAIKO-I's elegant atmosphere and great service offer a wonderful dining experience. Stay tuned for the grand opening!